The rationale of the project as a whole is an improvement of police minority relations through Restorative Justice measures.

Several results of the project, such as the Literature Database, the Intercultural Manual and a Policy Review can be found here below.

In the framework of the COREPOL project the following publications have been prepared and presentations have been given:

List of scientific publications

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D2.4 Public literature data base on COREPOL subjects

One aim of the project is to spread basic knowledge about the concept of Restorative Justice. For this purpose, a public literature database is made available and will be updated on a regular basis in the course of the project. It will provide a basis for coordinated research activities, not only for the consortium members but also for interested researchers and fellows from other universities or research institutions. The literature database contains various types of publications, such as books, articles and research reports.

If you want to use the database, please download the ris-file and open it with your preferred reference management software. The content of the database is also available in the pdf-format.

Literature dataset (RIS, 0.3 MB)

Literature list (PDF, 0.5 MB)

D3.3 Intercultural Manual

This document aimed to give a framework for the interviewers of the COREPOL project that are involved in the field study of WP3 (Minority Policing and Restorative Justice). It does not only describe the “normal” musts that have to be taken into account while conducting qualitative research including ethical aspects, openness, etc. but it further puts emphasis on the necessity to take the minority’s cultural background into account. Therefore culture specific issues that might be crucial for the data collection, such as gender and age, norms and rituals, nonverbal communication etc., will be described later on for African, Turkish and Roma minorities in the countries under study.

Intercultural Manual (PDF, 0.5 MB)

D4.3 POLICY BRIEF: Restorative Justice – meeting needs best on the demand side and the supply side of minority policing

Policing minorities is a topic of high importance in multicultural societies. Especially the police as state representatives have to adapt to new ways of minority policing. As policing and minority policing in particular are associated with conflicts, new ways of conflict management, conflict prevention, and conflict resolution need to be established. In the document below, the current supply side and demand side of minority policing are presented as well as possible resolution approaches with regard to Restorative Justice values.

Policy Brief (PDF, 0.5 MB)