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High profile workshop, 14. - 15.01.2014 in Budapest

The high-profile workshop of „Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Restorative Justice and the Policing of Ethnic Minorities in Germany, Austria, and Hunga will take place on January 14-15, 2014 in Budapest.

Researchers, Police Officers, NGO Representatives and other experts in the field from different EU Countries will be invited to give lectures focusing on the issue whether mediation and restorative justice programs are suitable for problems between police and ethnic minorities. (The lectures will be recorded and published.)

The workshop will attempt to establish a comparative view on the scope of the specific topics of police-minority relations in the different countries. The meeting also aims to provide a forum for exchanging knowledge and creating synergies between different approaches. The contributions of the international attendees from governmental and non-governmental bodies and national networks intend to enrich the program through enhancing the diversity of perspectives and contents represented. We believe that your participation would (will) be a fruitful contribution in occasion of the workshop.